Love Overflowing

Anniversary Trip

on August 17, 2009

Stephen and I celebrated our anniversary with our annual trip to a bed and breakfast. This year we chose to head to Augusta. I wasn’t pregnant when we booked the trip so we had planned on hitting all the wineries and having a great time. Good things happened and plans changed but we had a great time nonetheless.

We stayed at the HS Clay House. It was very eclectic. There was so much to see in that house. All types of historical pictures and papers. And lots of…..treasures…. It was a really neat place. It had a pool, which we did take advantage of after dinner and a hot tub, which we didn’t take advantage of. I would say the best part was that we were the only guests so we had the ENTIRE house to ourselves. It was quiet and relaxing. Of course, the breakfast was SCRUMPTIOUS. We had a really great time hitting a few wineries, driving to Washington a few times and enjoying an adult dinner.

Emily stayed the night at Grandma and Papa’s. They had a blast together and she did great. Didn’t give Grandma any problems going to bed. Wonder what Grandma’s secret is…. They had such a great time that I think more slumber parties are in order!

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