Love Overflowing

Starting her young……


With the beer…..the Fitz’s root beer that is! She was more fascinated with the bottle than she was with the actual drink though. Kept pouring it into her cup and only had a swig or two.

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Kicks or gas??

Having Crohn’s Disease really makes it difficult to be able to distinguish between kicks and gas. I have gas all the time. My poor belly is a musical instrument, rumbling and churning some days. They say Crohn’s usually gets better or worse with pregnancy. With Emily, it was a million times better. This pregnancy, not so much. But it is livable.

I am really starting to think that I am feeling kicks though. Little butterflies and flutters. Jabs and jibs. At night, Stephen likes to put his head on my belly and see what he feels. I definitely can feel some kicks then. It’s like the little one is telling Daddy to get out of his space! It’s the best feeling!

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