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Our church decided that this year they were doing a photo directory. Our pastor has a way about him. He has the good ol’ Catholic guilt down to an art. He can guilt you into anything without making it sound like he is guilting you into it. Does that make sense? At first we weren’t going to get our pictures taken but he talked us into it. Us and a ton of the other parishioners as well!

I will have to say that I am glad we did. I think they turned out nicely. We didn’t buy too many but I wanted to share the ones that we did purchase.










Festival Fun

This past weekend was the Festival of the Little Hills. Usually it’s hot, sticky and gross. This year, we had a beautiful fall weekend in the end of August. I think everybody had the same idea of enjoying the weather by going downtown!

We went up there Friday night after dinner. Wouldn’t you believe that after we paid for parking and walked halfway down there it started to rain??? Of course it did! Luckily it was a brief shower and we were able to check out the booth’s on Main Street. We looked at the craft booths and drooled at the food booths. Stephen enjoyed chocolate covered bacon. Gross. We also sampled some ice cream from the Blue Sky Creamery and devoured a funnel cake. One of Emily’s first tastes of festival food. Next time we should buy her one of those giant turkey legs!

Emily did so great! She walked almost the entire time we were down there and all the way up the hill to the car. It’s no wonder why she was so tired when we got home! We decided to call it an evening and hit the booths in Frontier Park on Saturday morning.

We thought we would head up there early on Saturday to avoid some of the crowd. It opened at 9:30 and we were almost there by 9:40. The traffic! Oh me, oh my!!! Apparently, everybody had the same idea we did. It was worth it though. We never found what we were looking for at the fair (butterflies and wooden cows) but we did have fun. We bought a really cute hat for Emily. I’ll have to try to sneak a picture the next time I bribe her to wear it she puts it on.

Last but not least, we could not leave the festival before a ride on the swings. Oh, what makes a little girl happy!

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