Love Overflowing

My family

on August 24, 2009

Our church decided that this year they were doing a photo directory. Our pastor has a way about him. He has the good ol’ Catholic guilt down to an art. He can guilt you into anything without making it sound like he is guilting you into it. Does that make sense? At first we weren’t going to get our pictures taken but he talked us into it. Us and a ton of the other parishioners as well!

I will have to say that I am glad we did. I think they turned out nicely. We didn’t buy too many but I wanted to share the ones that we did purchase.









2 responses to “My family

  1. Kristina Weber says:

    Karon, those pictures are awesome! You should be happy you got them taken, what a beautiful family. Now of course you will have to get them taken again next time and add baby #2 in it 😉

  2. Michelle Organ says:

    What great pictures. Those are so much better that “normal church photos”!

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