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3 cousins, 3 babies and family fun

This past Saturday was spent with my family. Most of my family- extended family that is. There are six sisters in my mom’s family. They range from up near Chicago to down in Arkansas. Unfortunately, we do not get together enough. This is the second year that they had a family weekend together. Last year I was not able to attend due to family obligations on Stephen’s side but I made it there this year on Saturday.

They spent the weekend in Mt. Vernon and we spent the day with them. I wish we could have stayed longer but circumstances made that not possible. We met up with many of them at the Cedarhurst Craft Fair. Yummy food, lots of people and good conversation. Then we headed back to the hotel for a baby shower. A baby shower?? Let me back up….

My sister and I grew up with my cousin Donica. I can remember spending weeks together in the summer at one house or the other. We had so much fun together! We were each 2 years apart so it spread out pretty nicely. I am sure we gave our parents a run for their money as we were pretty ornery and got into quite a bit of mischief. I can mention lots of things but I won’t out of embarrassment for myself and the other two. Probably more for myself. There are stories to be told that won’t be. Some things are better left kept secret.

We grew up together and now we are all pregnant together. It’s really ironic too. We are all working on child #2. Two of us never really imagined having more than one child. We are all being blessed with one of each. We are due within 2 months of each other. Donica is actually due the same time I am so it will be interesting to see who gives birth first…My money is on me because I had a big baby before so if that is any indication, I won’t be going the full 40 weeks.

My wonderful cousin Jessica decided to throw the three of us a shower while most of the relatives were together. Donica needed one- her oldest is 11!!!! But Heather and I, not so much. We tried to reason with Jessica but she marches to the beat of her own drummer (that’s a good thing!) and she proceeded on. Don’t get me wrong, Heather and I really, really appreciated being included but it’s really not common to have a shower for second children unless there are a number of years between the last and the current pregnancy.  But who says we march to the beat of what is normal???

It was a wonderful shower. It was wonderful to get to visit with family that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Emily got to play with her cousins and run around. It was great. Jessica and Aunt Di did an excellent job of putting on the shower and the cake….well, besides being yummy, the cake was great. Jessica had a great idea on how to decorate it. She’s so smart! 😉

After the shower was over, everyone just sat around and visited. Later in the evening, the poker games started. My family loves a good poker game. I think my mom actually got beat! And she has some good luck! I got to enjoy visiting with family and Emily enjoyed playing with Chloe and the other cousins. As Stephen, Emily and I were getting ready to leave Emily and Chloe were having a love fest or wrestling match. I am not sure which. Chloe might be almost a year younger than Emily but she can definitely hold her own as she is almost as tall and as heavy as Emily. It was really truly funny to watch.

I love my family to pieces. My family, my siblings, my parents and my extended family. I never get to see them enough though. But the love is there and I hope they all know how much I love them. Love knows no distance and no bounds. It stretches on for miles. Life and God is good!

I took quite a few more pictures, but not as many as I usually do. Here is the link:

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