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Apple picking

on September 23, 2009

We took advantage of an open weekend and great weather last Saturday and headed over to Eckerts in Grafton. We decided to take the long route and enjoy the drive. I must say that it was beautiful! I can only imagine how awesome it is when the leaves start to change. Might have to make the drive another time to check it out!

Stephen and I have gone apple picking once and that was about 6-7 years ago in my hometown with some of my family. It was  nothing compared to this! This was amazing! Luckily we got there shortly after they opened as there were no lines to get on the wagon. We rode the wagon out to the orchard and picked apples. It was opening weekend and it was totally worth it! There were so many apples to chose from! Everyone got a chance to sample them before we put them in the bags. Yummy!

After we picked our 15!!! pounds of apples (it truly didn’t seem like 15 pounds as far as quantity goes but there were some big apples in the bunch), we headed over to the kiddie area. On the weekends, they have pony rides and bounce houses in addition to the tire swings, horses, pig and slides. There were more activities but we didn’t make it to all of them. Emily ran to the tire swing first thing! Swinging is her favorite. She eventually made it to see the animals, go down the slide and bounce in the bounce house. We asked her if she wanted a pony ride. We really weren’t sure if she would want to because she is such a scaredy cat but she surprised us. It was really cute! They got her up on the horse and  she immediately started saying “Giddy yap!” and “Neigh!!!!”.

We finished up our trip with lunch at this little restaurant in Grafton. Their special of the day was fried chicken. What pregnant lady can pass up fried chicken?? It was delicious! Their kids meal was really cute too. It was character themed. Emily chose Dora. Came out with a Dora plate, Dora fruit snacks and her meal. For dessert, she had Dora Popsicle. They know how to please the kids!

It truly was a great day! We had a wonderful time doing something new as a family. I really see us making this a tradition.

One response to “Apple picking

  1. Jessica says:

    That looks like so much fun! I’ve never picked apples…though I’d love to!

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