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Ever wonder….

on September 29, 2009

how different your life could be if you had made different choices or life had taken a different turn??

Let me start off by saying, I truly love my life. I am happy as a clam. I have a wonderful husband, a good marriage and a beautiful daughter. I am expecting my unexpected 2nd child. I am blessed with the ability to stay at home and raise my children (Thank you Stephen). Life is good. Sure there is always room for improvement in every aspect but I truly wouldn’t change a thing.

But do you ever wonder how things would be different? Where would Stephen and I be if we weren’t able to have Emily?? Our lives have changed dramatically in the past few months. Definitely not a bad thing but how would our outlook be if we weren’t expecting a son in January?? What decisions would we have made differently?

How different would your life be if you had made different choices?

I know there is no point in dwelling in “what if’s” but it really makes you wonder. You have to live in the now but sometimes you need to reflect on what you have, where you are going and where you have been.

One response to “Ever wonder….

  1. Melissa says:

    I like this, Karon. *Hugs* 🙂

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