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Belly shot…

It’s true…..As much as I would have denied it, it is true. You just aren’t as focused obsessed with pregnancy #2. With Emily, I felt every single move, twinge and tweak. I took pictures at regular intervals and was ready MONTHS in advance.

I think it’s because you are just so much busier with your second and subsequent pregnancies. There are some days where I think “did I fell the baby today??”. Of course I did, I was just too busy running around with Emily that I wasn’t focused. There is just so much to do having an almost 3 year old!

Belly shots…..2. That’s how many have been taken, unless you count the picture I took before I  knew I was pregnant. I was probably 6 weeks at the time or a little earlier. Belly shots don’t really matter in the long run. I know this little boy will have many, many pictures to look back on as he gets older. He won’t say “Jeez, look how many pictures there are of Emily!”. Ok, he probably will but that’s because I took SOOOOO many pictures of Emily. I will have to work on making sure he gets lots of pictures taken!

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