Love Overflowing

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…..

Love me some Cardinals baseball!!! We usually hit a couple games a season but this year, time just got away from us. Stephen and Emily were watching the game one day at home and Emily said, “Daddy, I want to go to the ballpark sometime.” Now, what father can deny his daughter a simple request???

After checking our calendar, we figured out that the only game we could make it to this late in the season was the last game. (How did we get so busy?) So we ordered some tickets to make Emily’s request a reality. That and we really would enjoy the game too. Emily’s been to quite a few games in her young life but none that she actually remembers so this was going to be fun!

The weather wasn’t too bad. The day before was cold and yuck! We headed down to the park after church and caught some lunch before the game. Surprisingly, Emily ate the fastest she has ever eaten and we made it to our seats and still had 45 minutes before the game started!!! Stephen took her to find some souvenirs and they came back with pretzels. That’s all she wanted. (And she didn’t even eat hers!) To be that young again!

Emily had a great time, despite the fact that she was very tired. She watched part of the game but was more focused on cotton candy, snacks and getting to buy Lucy the bear clothes. We actually made it to the end of the 5th inning before she got super restless! Not too bad for an almost 3 year old! Plus, we got vouchers for a game next season. “So my baby brother can go” says Emily. Sisterly love!

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