Love Overflowing

We survived…

I don’t know how single moms do it. I don’t know how married moms handle it when their husbands are constantly on the road. I am SO glad that Stephen is no longer in the consulting business. Sure, the money was nice but his presence is much more valuable. I pray that his job situation stays such that he doesn’t have to go back on the road.

Emily and I were on our own last week…and we survived with flying colors! Stephen was out of town at a conference from Monday afternoon to late, late Friday night. Honestly, it was MUCH better than I had expected. I kept both of us busy most days. More importantly, I kept her busy during the “witching” hours after nap to dinner and until bedtime. We went for walks, went to the Mills and just overall kept busy. I think that was the key.

You would have thought I would have had plenty of time to catch up stuff around the house, blog posts, etc but that wasn’t the case. I was playing around with Emily’s bedtime and decided to push it back to around 8:15 so that left little time in the evening for “me” time. I will eventually get caught up around 2020 but it will be one thing at a time. I have some blog posts to work on but my time is up, as Emily either didn’t nap long or she just rested in her bed. Stupid post man ringing the doorbell, stupid dog barking…

Such is life….

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