Love Overflowing

Spooky tree

on October 22, 2009

Have been slowly working on some outdoor Halloween decorations and by slowly I mean one project. I am sad that my giant inflatable Scooby met his untimely maker. Or was it the Christmas one. I am really not sure and am too fat and lazy to figure it out. I really have nothing for outside now.

Ghosts. Tree. Ghost tree. I had an idea. I could make a ghost tree! I just had to decide how to do it. Think, think. That is a feat since I am pregnant as my brain has stopped working. Trash bags. Black and white trash bags. Not sure if ghosts are black but I had some junky black trash bags that I was willing to part with and only so many white grocery bags that hadn’t been recycled.  I filled the bags with other bags, pieces of the cut up bags and so forth. I even made one using a paper plate and an old cd. Eclectic. Different. Just plain odd. Not sure. You probably can’t decide by the pictures either but I’ll show you anyway.

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