Love Overflowing


Our second trip to the land of pumpkins. This place is more about playing than pumpkins though. And the kids LOVE it!

We met Emily’s bestest friend Chase and her awesome mommy Julie there earlier this week. The girls had so much fun. It is so cute to see them walking, holding hands and talking. I know I have said this before..I don’t know if you can have a bff at this young age but if you can Chase is Emily’s. These girl love each other and enjoy each other’s company so much. You can tell by their squeals when they haven’t seen each other in a while.

They had so much fun at Pumpkinland. Emily is such a daredevil and Chase is such a scaredy cat. I guess opposites do attract! Emily has really opened up recently and has no fear on certain things. She had no problem riding the zip swing thing or climbing up the bales of hay. She went through the maze, got lost and found her way through. It was so funny listening to her tell Chase about it while they were lounging on the tire swing. “It was dark in there! I got lost” Chase says “You found your way out though.” They were cracking me up!

Even though the day was overcast, everyone had a great time. Thanks for going with us Julie and Chase!

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