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Trick or Treat on Main, a tradition

We have been going to Trick or Treat on Main since Emily was one. Not a long time, but I think 3 years constitutes a tradition. We met up with Emily’s bffs, Chase and Slade, for lots of fun. We never make the whole circuit, either the kids get tired or the parents get tired of moving at a snail’s pace, but always end up with a huge amount of candy regardless. Luckily the rain moved out in time for the fun to begin!

Emily really got the whole “trick or treat” thing this year. She has so much fun. She would run up to the candy hander-outers and yell “TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!” She was one of the most enthusiastic kids I have seen. She had to examine every piece of candy as well. Cracked me up!

I heart this girl!

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Where’s the fire??

I am a little behind again on my posts but what else is new. Hang in here with me as I catch up. Will take a few posts but eventually will get through them.

Last week, we attended a Parents as Teachers event at the local firehouse. It was a lot of fun but not exactly what I had expected. We had been on one before and it was much better. This was fun, nonetheless. The kids got to see the pole, tour the firehouse and check out the ambulance. Like I said, the event didn’t set the world on fire but we had a good time. I was expecting more fire safety stuff like our previous tour. There’s always next year!

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