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I’m calling it early

I went in today for my 29 week appointment. This was the first appointment that I took Emily too. I am not sure why the thought never occurred to me to take her. I think partially was because the beginning of my pregnancy was not full of your routine appointments and there wasn’t an opportunity to. She has been waiting for this day for several weeks now. She was going to get to “hear baby brother’s heartbeat!” She loved the sound! Not sure if I will take her to another appointment. It was a lot of work, I am lazy and we are getting down to the wire- if you know what I mean.

Here’s the run-down. I am 29 weeks, measuring 31 weeks. Apparently, I grow them big according to the doctor. I go back in two weeks. Seems early to me for starting the two week appointments but what do I know.  I asked the doctor if he thought I would go early since Emily was 8.1 at a week and a half early. He says if I don’t go on my own early, we will induce. I will have another ultrasound later to see how big he is. I narrowly escaped a cesarean with Emily and I would like to escape one with this little/big guy.

So there you have it! I am guessing January 11?? Who knows though.

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