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Swirly crayons

on November 16, 2009

I got this idea from No Time for Flashcards. Love that site!!!!!

The gym is full of broken crayons. I got tired of picking up the teeny pieces the other day so the babies wouldn’t eat them so I decided to do something about it! I brought all of the junky pieces home and decided that Emily and I would make new crayons to take back to the gym.

Emily helped me break the nubs and peel the labels off. She also helped me put the crayons in the muffin tin. It was pretty neat to see them swirl around in the end.

  • Pre-heat your oven to 300.
  • Peel the paper off your crayons.
  • Break your orange crayons into little pieces.
  • Pop them into the greased muffin tin.
  • Into the oven it took about 12 minutes to melt. 
  • Swirl the wax and let cool.
  • Tip if the crayons aren’t releasing from the muffin tin , put them in the freezer for a few minutes and they will pop right off.

  • One response to “Swirly crayons

    1. Kristina Weber says:

      My kids LOVE these crayons! Its perfect for all the broken crayons they won’t use anymore!

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