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Possibly one last trip…

to the zoo for the year. Total spur of the moment decision on Monday. The weather looked fairly nice in the morning so we decided to head out to the zoo for our possible last trip of the year. Possible last trip with just the two of us.

It was GREAT! The zoo was pretty empty so it was similar to having our own personal zoo. Of course the first thing Emily wanted to do was see the elephants so we headed over to the River’s Edge. We didn’t see another soul in there until we made it to the elephants. I have to admit, it was pretty amazing. No crowds, being able to see without straining and letting Emily meander as much as she wanted (she wasn’t in a stroller).

We also saw the tigers, the bird house for the first time (usually she doesn’t want to go in there), rode the train, rode the carousel and walked quite a bit. We were there for about 2 hours and didn’t see as much as we normally do. That was to be expected though since Emily was a little tired and Mommy walks pretty slow these days. The most important thing is that we had a good time. Just the two of us.

Not sure if there will be any nice days in December but if there are and we have no plans, we might try to take another trip over there. I really want to go in the evening to see all the lights. They were in the process of putting them up and it looked like it would be neat to see.

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Keeping busy…

It’s been rainy off and on and it gets dark too early. That leaves me trying to find something to do in the time after Emily wakes up from her nap and when Daddy gets home. Can’t play outside most of the time…Not always enough time to do much running…

This past week, we have done two mini-projects. I thought I would get more Thanksgiving crafts done but that has not been the case. Laziness, lack of planning on my part, etcetera, etcetera. Many, many excuses…. One thing we did do was make a hand and foot turkey.

I traced Emily’s hands on colored construction paper and cut them out. For her feet, I used beige. Didn’t have brown. Out of the scraps, I cut out a beak, gobbler and feet. Emily didn’t like the beak I made so she cut one herself out of green. Gives it some pizzaz, don’t you think?


The other thing we did was break out the bead set that Emily got for her birthday. She has been bugging me to make a bracelet and I just haven’t made the time do to it until recently. She did pretty much all of this herself. She picked out the beads she wanted to use and put them on the stretchy rope/string thing. She is very proud!

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