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I’m calling it early

I went in today for my 29 week appointment. This was the first appointment that I took Emily too. I am not sure why the thought never occurred to me to take her. I think partially was because the beginning of my pregnancy was not full of your routine appointments and there wasn’t an opportunity to. She has been waiting for this day for several weeks now. She was going to get to “hear baby brother’s heartbeat!” She loved the sound! Not sure if I will take her to another appointment. It was a lot of work, I am lazy and we are getting down to the wire- if you know what I mean.

Here’s the run-down. I am 29 weeks, measuring 31 weeks. Apparently, I grow them big according to the doctor. I go back in two weeks. Seems early to me for starting the two week appointments but what do I know.  I asked the doctor if he thought I would go early since Emily was 8.1 at a week and a half early. He says if I don’t go on my own early, we will induce. I will have another ultrasound later to see how big he is. I narrowly escaped a cesarean with Emily and I would like to escape one with this little/big guy.

So there you have it! I am guessing January 11?? Who knows though.

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Pizza Monster!!

This past Monday, we had the opportunity to make our own pizzas at Uno’s with our playgroup and bff Chase. It was so much fun. I think all of the kids had a blast smearing the pizza sauce on their crust and touring the joint.

Emily is one of the goofiest kids I know! The tour leader for a lack of a better term was great! She had the kids line up, put on their listening ears and to walk with their hands at their side as to not touch anything. Emily walked with her hands up to her ears. After they put their pizzas in the oven, they got to see the rest of the kitchen. Sink, cooler, freezer. In the cooler, they got to pick out an apple. My kid picked a lemon. She’s one of a kind!

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Pearly whites

Missed this one!

A few days after Emily’s 3rd birthday she took her first trip to the dentist. She was a trooper! I swear she gets more fearless as each day passes. She did wonderful! She let them clean her teeth and poke around in her mouth like a pro.

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Halloween- looking back…



7 days old. First Halloween!



2007- our little pumpkin



2008- QUACK!!!



2009- Ariel

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Halloween 2009

This was the most fun Halloween yet! Emily really had so much fun this year. She “got” it. And you could tell! She picked out her costume as soon as we got back from vacation- a princess. At first she was going to be Cinderella but then changed her mind as we were surfing the ‘net looking at costumes. She had to be “Ariel’s wedding dress”. We had that sucker bought before the end of the first week of September. Try hiding something from a 2 year old for almost 2 months!

We had a lot of fun. Stephen and I took turns taking her around the neighborhood. I took her down the court and Stephen took her around the block. That was plenty for a little girl. Now I just need to send all the candy to work with Stephen because this pregnant lady can’t keep her hands out of the candy jar!

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Trick or Treat on Main, a tradition

We have been going to Trick or Treat on Main since Emily was one. Not a long time, but I think 3 years constitutes a tradition. We met up with Emily’s bffs, Chase and Slade, for lots of fun. We never make the whole circuit, either the kids get tired or the parents get tired of moving at a snail’s pace, but always end up with a huge amount of candy regardless. Luckily the rain moved out in time for the fun to begin!

Emily really got the whole “trick or treat” thing this year. She has so much fun. She would run up to the candy hander-outers and yell “TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!” She was one of the most enthusiastic kids I have seen. She had to examine every piece of candy as well. Cracked me up!

I heart this girl!

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Where’s the fire??

I am a little behind again on my posts but what else is new. Hang in here with me as I catch up. Will take a few posts but eventually will get through them.

Last week, we attended a Parents as Teachers event at the local firehouse. It was a lot of fun but not exactly what I had expected. We had been on one before and it was much better. This was fun, nonetheless. The kids got to see the pole, tour the firehouse and check out the ambulance. Like I said, the event didn’t set the world on fire but we had a good time. I was expecting more fire safety stuff like our previous tour. There’s always next year!

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