Love Overflowing

Photoshoot with a ham

on December 1, 2009

It’s amazing how much different trying to get photos are each year. Last year, Emily wanted nothing to do with sitting still when it was mommy behind the lens. This is the year of the ham. The hambone that is. She wants to cooperate but it’s hard to shoot a moving target. It’s like she has ants in her pants and is onto the next pose before I can click the shutter.

I LOVE taking pictures and think I could be pretty good at it, given the right equipment. Don’t get me wrong, I love my camera but one of those fancy ones….Heck, even a semi-fancy one gets my mouth watering. Despite my wonderful, non-fancy camera, I think our pictures came out pretty good.

We headed to Main Street before all of the cool stuff opened. Our thinking was that there would be less crowds to deal with shooting around and we were right. It was WONDERFUL! Not only were the sidewalks empty but the weather. Oh my, the weather. By 9:30 that morning it was 50 degrees! On November 28!! We actually hit 73 that day. But I digress. Back to pictures. It was a great experience. Emily cooperated and we weren’t scoping out the same spots with 30 other people for the “perfect” holiday photo. Now the problem is choosing which one to use! I will share a smackeral with you and upload the rest to Picasa (link in the sidebar) if you want to check out the rest.


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