Love Overflowing

Advent calendar

on December 2, 2009

I wanted to do an advent calendar with Emily this year but didn’t want to do a candy one that you find in the stores. Who knows how old the chocolate is and do I really want Emily to eat candy every day?? Not so much…So I decided to make one myself.

It really isn’t anything to look at but my creative juices were just not flowing and I wanted to have something ready by December 1st. I stopped at Michael’s and picked up some green poster board and some foam ornament stickers. I could tell you how I did the rest but that’s pretty redundant since the pictures tell the story. Emily was pretty excited about it though. So excited that she put the first sticker on before I made it out of my bedroom on Monday morning. And she put it in the right place! I was a little bummed about that though because I wanted to do it with her and share a story. Story will be later as I think I must move the tree up since she put the sticker on again before I could get to her this morning! Eager beaver!

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