Love Overflowing

A new cousin for Emily

We were finally able to go see Cole this weekend! Little guy was born the day before Thanksgiving and this was the first time we were able to see him in person. Stupid colds.

It was great to be able to hold a newborn. I totally forgot how small they were! It was also a wonderful opportunity to see a newborn before Zachary got here. She did really great. Unfortunately, Cole got really hungry when she was trying to hold him but she was a trooper and still loved it. Had he not been squirmy and hungry she probably would have done great by herself.  I think she is going to be a natural with Zachary. You ask her what she thought of Cole and she says “He was very sleepy.” Little does she know, soon will she learn.

Cole was such a doll. So cute and cuddly. Really made me ready for the arrival of  my son. He needs to bake a little while longer but I think the visit brought reality a little closer to home. I know it’s going to be A TON OF WORK but so very worth it. I am very nervous but it will work out.

It was a wonderful day as well because I got to visit with my mom, dad, two sisters, brother, THREE nephews and Chloe as well. More than likely this will be the last time we get to visit before Zachary is born and then it might be awhile before I see my siblings. We got a good visit in and everyone had a good time. I am lucky to have such a great family. It’s just too bad we don’t see each other more often. Must make more of an effort in order that Emily and Zachary grow up close with their cousins.