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Photoshoot with a ham

It’s amazing how much different trying to get photos are each year. Last year, Emily wanted nothing to do with sitting still when it was mommy behind the lens. This is the year of the ham. The hambone that is. She wants to cooperate but it’s hard to shoot a moving target. It’s like she has ants in her pants and is onto the next pose before I can click the shutter.

I LOVE taking pictures and think I could be pretty good at it, given the right equipment. Don’t get me wrong, I love my camera but one of those fancy ones….Heck, even a semi-fancy one gets my mouth watering. Despite my wonderful, non-fancy camera, I think our pictures came out pretty good.

We headed to Main Street before all of the cool stuff opened. Our thinking was that there would be less crowds to deal with shooting around and we were right. It was WONDERFUL! Not only were the sidewalks empty but the weather. Oh my, the weather. By 9:30 that morning it was 50 degrees! On November 28!! We actually hit 73 that day. But I digress. Back to pictures. It was a great experience. Emily cooperated and we weren’t scoping out the same spots with 30 other people for the “perfect” holiday photo. Now the problem is choosing which one to use! I will share a smackeral with you and upload the rest to Picasa (link in the sidebar) if you want to check out the rest.

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Thanksgiving weekend

This year we celebrated with Stephen’s family on Thanksgiving. It’s always a little less hectic, overwhelming and subdued when we are with that side of the family for holidays. Not a bad thing, just different. And that’s what life is all about! My family is a wonderful sort of chaos with all the siblings (there are 5 of us) and now you throw in all the little ones. It’s mass chaos but I love it.

We went to Stephen parents later in the morning to celebrate with Grandma, Papa, Aunt Nina. We had a wonderful yummy lunch prepared by my mother-in-law. Heck, even my new cranberry recipe was delicious! It was a very nice day. We got a good visit in, Emily and I took a nap and even went to visit Sophie, my sister-in-law’s cat.

I have so much to be thankful for. Life is really good and God had really been good to me. I am thankful for all of the usual: family, health, children, miracles, jobs, house, etc. I am also thankful for some amazing friends who have helped me throughout my life. There is so much more….Life is good.

We have a tradition in Stephen’s family as well. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we all go to his parents house and help decorate the tree. It’s been amazing to think about the changes in Emily. First year, she was just a bump on a log. Second year, a little bigger bump on a log. Last year, she had fun but had a short attention span with ornaments. This year…..Wow! She really “got” it. She decorated that tree like nobody’s business. She was the little energizer bunny. When we all got pooped, she kept going. It was great! I love to see such enthusiasm from my little girl. She is so full of love and spirit! I must say that their tree looks beautiful!

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Welcome new baby!

My newest nephew was born on Wednesday. Cole Eric arrived on Wednesday afternoon. I guess he wanted some turkey- gobble, gobble!!! He weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches long. While I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him in person yet, he sounds like a real cutie. Emily is so excited to meet her newest cousin and check out this whole “baby thing”.

Welcome Cole Eric!!!

Congratulations Heather, Jason and big sis Chloe!!!

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