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Arrival story

This is the story of Zachary’s birth….

After dinner Monday night, we dropped Emily off at Grandma and Papa’s house. It was hard to leave because I knew I would be away from her for a few days but Emily didn’t seem to mind. She was having a slumber party! She did great the entire time she spent with her grandparents.

I had a feeling that it was going to be a long night and I was right. The anticipation made it hard to sleep. The alarm buzzed way too early after drifting to sleep way too late. My stomach was full of butterflies. Soon, I was going to meet the newest man in my life. Stephen and I stopped at the donut shop for our “last breakfast” before heading. I had forgotten how dark it was at 5:30 am!

We arrived at the hospital at 6am sharp. Then came the tedious task of getting settled in and the show on the road. Finally the pitocin drip was started and around 8:30 or so the doctor came in to break my water. Things should finally start happening! Contractions were getting stronger but not as regular as we wanted. Zachary was not cooperating and wasn’t staying in the birth canal.

I received my epidural after I was dilated to around a 4. Definitely took the edge off. I should have know something wasn’t right when I started feeling pressure with every contraction. I waited too late to tell the nurse that something wasn’t right and started having pain. I think we saw almost every anesthesiologist on staff that morning. They adjusted the catheter, they upped the dosage, the added a boost…Finally, after laboring without meds for about 2 hours and throwing up in the process, they decided to remove the original epidural and put in a fresh one. By that point, my legs were totally numb. I couldn’t feel them nor move them. At all.

In the meantime, I had dilated to a 6. While sitting up and receiving an epidural for the second time I became complete and Zachary dropped to a station 2+. He was ready to come out! Luckily, the nurse was on top of her game and had called the dr already. Once I was in position, I really only had to push once and Zachary entered the world. It was an amazing feeling- knowing that I had brought this perfect little man into the world. He wasn’t crying like most newborns when he came out and I was very concerned. I remember asking repeatedly if he was ok. He was great. He just wasn’t crying. There were no problems whatsoever with him. What a relief!

It took us quite awhile to be moved to the postpartum side. Partially because there was another delivery at the same time and the fact that it took quite awhile for me to regain the feeling in my legs. Zachary got to spend the entire time in the room with us. That was really an excellent experience, as Emily was wisked off to the nursery shortly after being born. It was wonderful to get to experience everything with him. His first bath, his first nursing session…everything.

Despite having the epidural not work the first time I would not have changed a thing. The important part was that Zachary was born healthy and perfect. He latched on right away when I first tried nursing. He was such a content little baby after birth- only crying when he had his diaper changed.

Emily was immediately in love! She was waiting out in the waiting room and was the first person back to see him. She walked up to us and said “Hi baby brother. Ah boo boo boo!” It truly brought tears to my eyes. She told him how much she loved him and asked to hold him. She has been such a great big sister!

My family is now complete. God is amazing. I thought my life was complete and He decided that we needed a son. I am glad He did.

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