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One of the pitfalls of being a baby…

People can torment you. Mommy, daddy, big sister. They are mean and dress you up. They take your picture in wierd poses and crazy outfits. And there is nothing you can do about it! Just wait……soon you’ll be big enough to get back at them…in your own way. Leaving “presents” in fun places, hiding keys, cutting dolly’s hair….Just wait…revenge will be yours!


First Walk

This has been a long and very cold winter. We haven’t had any of those odd, warm days this year. Besides having a newborn, it’s just been way too cold to do much outdoors. Last weekend brought one of the first warms days in a very, very long time. We took advantage of it and all went for a walk. It was Zachary’s first walk and Emily’s first outside attempt on her new scooter. She LOVED it! And we all LOVED the time outside!

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A little boy and his sister

It’s love! There is no denying the fact that Emily loves Zachary more than I could have ever imagined! I didn’t really know how she would respond to having a little brother and not being the center of attention. For the most part, she has exceeded any expectation I might have had. She is a big helper and wants to be around him. She gets concerned when he cries and wants to know what is wrong. Emily wants to play with Zachary any time she gets a chance.

It is obvious that Zachary loves Emily very much. She is the one person who can ALWAYS get a smile out of him. He just hears her coming and he perks up. It is the sweetest sight and warms my heart to no end. I am so glad that God decided Emily needed a sibling. He really does know best!

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Stephen’s birthday

Stephen celebrated his 34th birthday on the 14th. I bet if you had asked him last year how he would celebrate this year “with his son and daughter” would have never made the list!

Stephen celebrated with a yummy breakfast, lunch out (Zachary’s first dining out experience!), presents and pizza. Plus lots and lots of love and hugs!

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One month down

Where has this past month gone?? I cannot believe that Zachary is already a month old!

We went for his one month visit this past week. I am happy to announce that we can stop the night waking feedings. Although it doesn’t really make a difference as he is up almost every 3 hours to eat. I thought he would have been going longer stretches. Maybe we trained him to wake after 3 hours??

We do have some issues with colic. I am glad Emily didn’t have colic because she might have truly been an only child.  I know it will get better. I keep telling myself that. It has gone from the “witching hour crying” to crying during the day. He wants to be bounced, swayed and held really close. The doctor said that it should peak around 6-8 weeks. I have a countdown going. That’s the only way I can make it through it.

We also switched his formula to help with the spitting up. It’s an amazing change! He still has some gas issues but the spitting up is pretty much gone! He doesn’t have to wear a bib now non-stop which is really nice.

His one month stats:

9 pounds 15 ounces (47%)
22 inches (61%) (Although I don’t think she measured him correctly because he’s got to be longer than that!)
38 cm for his head (39%)

Despite all of the issues with gas, spitting up and colic Zachary is a wonderful little guy. He has been social smiling. (Took me awhile to figure out that it wasn’t gas.) He has also been cooing. He is happy when he isn’t crying and is a real snuggler. He loves is big sister and will smile and look towards her whenever he hears her. She is still doing great with him. A big helper!

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Special Day

Today is a very special day. It is Stephen’s birthday!


You make my life better because you are in it. You are my favorite person in the world and I feel lucky to be your wife. You are such a loving and caring husband and father. I am so thankful to have you in my life.
Without you, what would I do? You are my love and my life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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Aren’t they the cutest????

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Time flies….

when you have to wake a sleeping baby every 3 hours! I don’t remember having to do this with Emily. If I did, I must have blocked it out. I am not complaining really… I can’t complain either because I have a wonderful husband who takes his turn on Friday and Saturday nights. I can get a good 6 hour block of sleep on the weekends. I wake up feeling like a new woman and ready to start the week out. I don’t feel like a zombie until about Wednesday that way. I know I am truly blessed to have a husband that takes his turn and really helps out with both of our children.

It’s been 4 weeks since Zachary entered our lives!!! I cannot believe it’s been that long. It seems like yesterday that we just brought him home. He has just molded into the family so seamlessly. Emily is a wonderful big sister. Every day our issues with her bedtime get better. Thank goodness!!!

Zachary is such a sweet little guy! He is starting gurgle and make more baby sounds at times. He is becoming a little more alert and not just a bump on a log. He is such a cuddler and loves to be held and snuggled. I need to learn how to use the sling before I go bonkers! 😉

From around 6-9 is still the witching hour but it is getting better. Once we figured out that he likes to be bounced/shook it’s better. Gripe water also helps. Poor little guy is a big spitter upper but it’s getting better. I know it will continue to improve as he gets older. In the meantime, I don’t mind holding him.

Zachary loves his big sister and it shows. He will quiet down when she talks to him. It’s pure love! With everyone. God really wanted Zachary to be a part of my family and I am so glad he did!

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Valentine’s Day crafts

We are trying to get back to somewhat of a routine here. That includes some activities after nap. What’s better than working on some valentine decorations?

We have made a heart butterfly out of heart shaped doilies, wooden clothes pin and stickers. Our living room is also decorated with heart garland and a heart family.

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