Love Overflowing

Time flies….

on February 11, 2010

when you have to wake a sleeping baby every 3 hours! I don’t remember having to do this with Emily. If I did, I must have blocked it out. I am not complaining really… I can’t complain either because I have a wonderful husband who takes his turn on Friday and Saturday nights. I can get a good 6 hour block of sleep on the weekends. I wake up feeling like a new woman and ready to start the week out. I don’t feel like a zombie until about Wednesday that way. I know I am truly blessed to have a husband that takes his turn and really helps out with both of our children.

It’s been 4 weeks since Zachary entered our lives!!! I cannot believe it’s been that long. It seems like yesterday that we just brought him home. He has just molded into the family so seamlessly. Emily is a wonderful big sister. Every day our issues with her bedtime get better. Thank goodness!!!

Zachary is such a sweet little guy! He is starting gurgle and make more baby sounds at times. He is becoming a little more alert and not just a bump on a log. He is such a cuddler and loves to be held and snuggled. I need to learn how to use the sling before I go bonkers! 😉

From around 6-9 is still the witching hour but it is getting better. Once we figured out that he likes to be bounced/shook it’s better. Gripe water also helps. Poor little guy is a big spitter upper but it’s getting better. I know it will continue to improve as he gets older. In the meantime, I don’t mind holding him.

Zachary loves his big sister and it shows. He will quiet down when she talks to him. It’s pure love! With everyone. God really wanted Zachary to be a part of my family and I am so glad he did!

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