Love Overflowing

One of the pitfalls of being a baby…

People can torment you. Mommy, daddy, big sister. They are mean and dress you up. They take your picture in wierd poses and crazy outfits. And there is nothing you can do about it! Just wait……soon you’ll be big enough to get back at them…in your own way. Leaving “presents” in fun places, hiding keys, cutting dolly’s hair….Just wait…revenge will be yours!


First Walk

This has been a long and very cold winter. We haven’t had any of those odd, warm days this year. Besides having a newborn, it’s just been way too cold to do much outdoors. Last weekend brought one of the first warms days in a very, very long time. We took advantage of it and all went for a walk. It was Zachary’s first walk and Emily’s first outside attempt on her new scooter. She LOVED it! And we all LOVED the time outside!

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