Love Overflowing

Crazy early!

on April 1, 2010

I would say it was a fluke but it’s happened more than once. It’s not a regular occurence though……What am I talking about?

Rolling. Flipping over, hot dogs at 7-11. You read that right. Zachary has rolled over several times. Belly to back and back to belly. I think the belly to back is due to his dislike of tummy time. He will get mad enough and flip himself over on occasion. He has also rolled from back to front. Although, I missed the first time! He was playing in room while I went to get milk when I heard him start crying. I went in there and he was on his tummy! No one was in the room. Emily was locked out of the house but that’s another story so it wasn’t her. He hasn’t quite done it again. He almost gets over but then poops out. Or decides he doesn’t want an audience.

That’s ok. I am not ready for him to be mobile yet so he can stay a bump on a log a little while later. Rolling at 11 1/2 weeks was a bit early for me……..

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