Love Overflowing


on April 10, 2010

What an Easter! Zachary’s first and a good age for Emily. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a ton of pictures because I forgot my camera when we went to the inlaws. I need to get some copies from them!

Emily had a blast coloring and decorating eggs. She was so excited when the Easter bunny hid eggs around the house. I am not sure if she had more fun looking for them or counting the money!

After church, we went over to Grandma and Papa’s for lunch. The bunny had been there also! How fun! A great time was had by all. Poor Emily was so tired as she has been trying to decide whether she or not she wants to nap or not anymore. By 4:15 she was ready to go home. That is not like her! She would stay at grandma’s all day long if we let her. Needless to say, both kids were in bed and asleep by 6:45.

It was a beautiful day though. First time in several years that we were in short sleeves for Easter! Guess I didn’t need to worry about buying that shrug for Emily’s beautiful dress.

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