Love Overflowing

Belly, belly

Zachary is a tummy sleeper now. It’s instantaneous. You put him to bed on his back and he immediately rolls over to his side. A short time later he is on his tummy. I know back to sleep is the way to go but short of watching him all night long…there is nothing we can do.

He is such an active little guy! It’s no wonder he is so skinny as he is on the move all the time. He woke up, chatting, one morning. I looked on the monitor and he was at a 45 degree angle of where I originally put him. Ten minutes later, he moved another 45 degrees and was rolling from one side of the crib to another. I got up and warmed a bottle. By the time I hobbled back to his room he was back to his original position. Had I not watched him on the monitor, I would have never known what he was up to! No wonder he slept for three hours after he ate! Wore himself out!

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