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Month 4

The months seem to fly by! With the blink of an eye, we are on to another one! Month number for was a busy one for all of us, despite being house bound for much of it. We celebrated Zachary’s baptism on April 25. We took our first trip to my hometown for cousin Benjamin’s birthday where he got to meet more relatives. We celebrated Mother’s Day and Zachary’s first picnic.
Zachary continues to be a sweet little guy. His sleeping has been pretty consistent at 7-9 hours a night. He is a quiet old soul for the most part. He is somewhat reserved regarding his laughs and chatter. When he decides to let loose, he totally lets loose! He will let you know when he’s mad, happy, frustrated or excited by his sheer volume.
Zachary is such a busy little guy. He never lays or sits still. He is always moving and rolling and kicking. You put him on the floor and he does not stay on his back. He rolls over and over and over. He is like a hot dog rolling in a 7-11. Zachary is doing is own version of crawling now. He will bring his leg up and try to launch himself forward. He makes some progress, much to my dismay.
All this activity keeps little man very lean! Now for his stats:

25 3/4 inches long (79%)
13.6 lb (19%)
16.5 inches around his noggin (40%)

Zachary is fascinated by his big sister and looks up to her already. I think she is a big part of the reason he is so active. He wants to be just like her. She can settle him down just by walking into the room where he is crying. She loves to read to him and play with him. He loves every second of it!

Slow down little man. There’s no need to grow up too quickly!

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