Love Overflowing

One week down…

One week down…. Three weeks left….
I go back to the orthopedist on the 21st. He said I should be able to put some weight on my foot. I would be happy just to get rid of the crutches. I am thinking small so I am not disappointed. I would actually be happy with using the walking boot as an actual walking boot. It would be wonderful to not have to be dependent on the crutches on my birthday. A girl can dream right?
I am very blessed though because through this I have learned what amazing friends I have. I also belong to a wonderful playgroup who have been bringing me some meals so my family doesn’t go hungry. My respect and love has been intensified for my mother-in-law. She has been a complete lifesaver. She has been coming over during the week to help me with the kids and household stuff. We have clean clothes and a clean bathroom because of her. Stephen has also stepped up to the plate and taken on a huge amount of my responsibilities. And without complaint for the most part. I am very grateful for that. He has been great.
So despite my whining, I am still blessed and thankful. Things will get done eventually. The house might not be the most organized or the cleanest but it will come. I haven’t been able to do any projects with Emily but I think she understands to a certain extent. She has been a huge help as well. My little girl is getting to be so big!
I have some posts to catch up on in the next few days so stay tuned! Look for baptism photos and photos from my nephew’s birthday party. I am sure I have more to catch up on but that’s a start! I am loving our new iPad but all my pictures are on my laptop so blogging hasn’t been readily accessible even with the WordPress application because I do love sharing pictures!

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