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Dear sweet Shadow

Shadow entered our family on December 23, 2003. I had been bugging Stephen about getting a dog for ages. Ok, only since that Sept or so to be honest. We always looked at the cute doggies at the Adopt-A-Stray place at the mall. I was thinking that I wanted a small, little lap dog. But then we saw Shadow. She was so sweet looking and really needed a good home. Much to my surprise, Stephen suggested that we meet her. Luckily, we got to meet her before the several other couples that were asking about her. We took her home that night. We were totally not prepared for bringing home a dog that night. Shadow was adopted on a wonderful whim. She wasn’t small and little but she did turn out to be a 50 pound lap dog.

Shadow was my constant companion the first year or so of my marriage. Stephen was working as a consultant and traveled Monday through Friday evening. She kept me company and made me feel safe. I always had something to look forward to when I got off of work. She made me be active, as she loved her walks. I cried the first time we left her at the kennel for vacation. She was my baby.

And then Emily arrived. We were worried how our first baby would react to the family’s new addition. After a brief bout of depression, Shadow warmed up to Emily. She was so gentle and tolerant of her. She loved her even more as Emily became mobile and ate solid foods. You could always find Shadow camped out next to Emily’s chair, catching the crumbs. I never realized how much she cleaned up until she was gone. I have definitely been having to sweep the floor more!

Shadow had a hard life before we got her. She was abused and abandoned. I hope the six and s half years with us made up, at least partially, for the crappy years she had. That dog was one spoiled dog and was very, very loved. We will miss her very much.

It was a very hard decision to make but I know in my heart we made the right decision. Her quality of life had diminished extremely. She had lost a lot of weight, despite thyroid medication and eating a lot. She was just worn out. Just a leisurely stroll around our block would really wear her down. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to walk down the stairs to her kennel. She was also not her easy going self and was becoming aggressive with everyone. The vet said we were doing the right thing. He said that she probably had some stuff going on internally and she had some growths in her. It was the humane thing to do.

Emily has been doing pretty well with the loss of her dog. She thinks that Shadow went to the doggy nursing home to be cared for. I don’t think she would have understood. She misses her doggy but says that Shadow is in a better place.

I know Shadow will always live on in our memories. She was a good doggy and will be very missed.

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