Love Overflowing

Trip down Main

One of the first things we did to celebrate my new found freedom was to take a walk down Main Street. We gave Emily a couple of options of things she wanted to do and this was what she chose. Good choice if you ask me.

We didn’t walk too far since it was my first major walking outing but we did get a good jaunt in. Made a trip to J. Noto to order a cake and left with a cookie to share. We also stopped at Stephen’s favorite store, the hot sauce place. Also made a stop to get some good smelling candles from the Halo store. I could spend a long time in that store! My house smells great now!

It wouldn’t be a trip without the obligatory pictures!

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I am surprised that I haven’t blogged about this. It’s pretty huge news!

I AM MOBILE!!!! Sort of…..

Back on May 21st, I had a follow-up with the orthopedic doctor. My foot seems to be healing really well. The screw is still in the proper place. I was given the ok to ditch the crutches and walk on the air cast. I was also give the green light to drive.


I had not been behind the wheel of a car since April 8. That’s a long time to feel trapped, having to rely on other’s for every single errand. I know they didn’t mind but I was starting to feel pretty useless.

I still have a ways to go but getting rid of the crutches was a huge step. See ya, stroller in the house!!!!!! See ya, crutches!!!!!! I would be lying if I had said it was good to have you around.

I go back to the doctor again on June 18. Hopefully, getting the news that I am free. I am SO ready!

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