Love Overflowing

Llamas, camels and puppies. Oh my!

on June 12, 2010

And I am not talking about the zoo!

Emily was invited to her friend Kara’s birthday party last weekend. They had a petting zoo at the park. There were some pretty cool animals there! Roosters, a turtle, goats, a camel, a miniature calf, a pony, a puppy and a llama, among other animals. Emily was pretty much terrified of the goats and the camel at first. She like the turtle and was trying to feed it. For the most part, you could find her out in the field picking flowers, aka weeds, so I could make a crown for the birthday girl. She just wasn’t into the animals 100% which is odd because she does love the zoo.

She really enjoyed the animals more when her friends Chase and Slade got there. She couldn’t get enough of the sweet puppy that was there. She even petted the bunnies! Despite her initial apprehension of the animals, she really enjoyed them.

It was a great party and we got to meet Kara’s new baby brother so that was even better!

Happy 6th birthday Kara!

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