Love Overflowing

Father’s Day 2010

on June 20, 2010


Today you are celebrating your fourth Father’s Day. Amazing, isn’t it? We started out as fumbling parents, learned a bit, forgot a lot and are starting new. So much has changed over the past four years. One thing has remained constant though. The love for your children. That never falters.
You are a very involved Daddy and it shows. Emily and Zachary love you so very much. Emily is up at the crack of dawn on weekdays so she doesn’t miss having breakfast with her daddy. Zachary squeals with delight when he sees you enter a room. It just doesn’t get much better than that.
Being a parent, a father, is very hard work. There are time that you want to pull your hair out and there are times you want to pull their hair out. The littlest loves of our lives find the buttons to push and know how to test out patience. Ever frustration is worth it when you see their smiling face and know that you have to be doing at least one thing right.

You are a wonderful daddy. A daddy that Emily and Zachary love with all their heart. As do I.

Happy Father’s Day! I love you with all my heart and am happy to be taking this journey with you.

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