Love Overflowing

Sweet Freedom!!

on June 25, 2010

I can’t believe how behind I am in blogging. Unfortunately cleaning, laundry and such takes priority. This week has been pretty busy and I am beat. Today was the first time I actually sat down during nap time! It was about time!

Big news that’s over a week old. The air cast is GONE!!! Sayonara sucka! No more stinky boot. No more hobbling along. No more only wearing one shoe. I am FREE!!!!!

April 8. That was the day that I broke my foot. June 18. The day that I was able to ditch the aircast. Over 2 months. 2 months that I cannot get back. It’s hard to believe that Zachary wasn’t even 3 months when I broke my foot! April and May were such a blur spent in the confines of my home. I am so grateful for all the people who brought me food, sent goodies for Emily and for everyone who prayed for me. I truly believe those prayers allowed me to heal quickly and with minimal pain.

It’s great to be mobile again!

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