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Swim Lessons

on June 26, 2010

Emily was old enough this year to complete a swim lesson class through the parks department. This class was MUCH better than the one we took at the YMCA sometime ago. She learned so much more and was able to go in the pool by herself. Zachary and I hung out on the lounge chairs while she took classes.

She had a blast and learned a lot. She was so proud of herself when she would put her head under water or blow bubbles. She would run out of the pool and tell me what she had accomplished. Emily is such a little fish that I had no problem getting her into the pool. It was the getting out part that gave me fits! Some day I’ll be able to get her to the pool so she can play! It’s a lot harder with having Zachary. The kid sleeps all the time!

It was pretty rainy the entire two weeks of class. Surprisingly there was only one class that was rescheduled. Unfortunately, it was the last class. We were almost to the pool when the sky started to get dark again and they decided to call off classes. Of course, the class was to be made up the next day. Of course, I had my final orthopaedic appointment. Of course, I got out of the office at the same time her class was to start. So she missed it. Luckily, she was a really good sport about it. She was just excited that mommy had two feet again and was scheming all the things we could do now.

The good thing is that I took a few pictures on the first day of class. The bad thing is that I was going to take more and better ones on the last day of class. Go figure!

One response to “Swim Lessons

  1. Kelly says:

    Hannah had classes at McNair the two weeks following Emily. I can’t believe we hadn’t done it before. Hannah loved it to.

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