Love Overflowing

Burnt plastic

The stink of burnt plastic lingers long after the damage has been disposed of.
I decided today was a good day to sanitize some binkies since Zachary spit up last night with one in his mouth. I fill the pan with water, insert binkies, turn on the burner and walk away. Notice anything missing? Something important? Like setting a timer??
I walked off and started playing with Zachary in his room. Then I start to smell the stench of something burning. Being the good mom that I am, I had no idea where Emily was. Playing with a candle lighter? In flames? Turns out she was in the basement, making a mess while the binkies were melting to the bottom of the pan. Did I mention the smell? And did I mention that I was sanitizing all of the binkies? Oh yes. the only binkies in the house were the ones from the hospital, which he hated, and small newborn binkies.
Good times! And did I mention that I need a new saucepan?

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