Love Overflowing

Fun with food

Zachary has been enjoying solid foods for the past month or so. We started him a lot earlier on vegetables than we did Emily for some reason. The pediatrician gave us the green light and we figured he is already getting cereal in his bottle so why not.

We started out with rice cereal and worked our way up to veggies and fruit. He seems to be enjoying it and he doesn’t scream near as much when you have to burp him now.

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Enjoying the weather

The weather was pretty SPECTACULAR here last week. It’ was nice to have a break from the usual sweltering, can’t breathe humidity we are used to. We have had some good times outside. Hanging out in the yard and going to the park. I haven’t been adventurous enough to take them both to the zoo or somewhere else really fun by myself yet. My wimpiness and the fact that Zachary naps all the time has kept us close to home. Soon we will see the elephants. Might have to enlist grandma or some mom friends first.

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