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The tradition continues

on July 11, 2010

Every 4th of July holiday, we attend the parade on Main Street. It is always a good time. Emily has started to really look forward to this parade over the past year or two. Mainly because they throw out candy. She does like the floats as well but the candy is the big draw. The funny thing about that is she will eat a piece for a day or two, forget it is on top of the refrigerator until I throw it away 3 months later. Hmm, maybe I should save it and hand it out at Halloween???

This year the four of us met up with Grandma, Papa and Aunt Nina at the parade. It was kind of iffy with Zachary since he didn’t get a super long morning nap. And that kid can nap like nobody’s business! He did pretty well though. It turned out to be the perfect morning so he wasn’t too hot. We even ran into some mom friend’s of ours so he got to flirt while he was there.

He enjoyed the parade until the fire truck turned on its siren. That scarred the bejesus out of him. I was able to comfort him and get him down for a catnap. Emily, of course, had a blast. She waves at people as they walk by and dances when the bands march down the street. It still amazes me to see how much she has grown up.

This is one tradition that will definitely continue.


One response to “The tradition continues

  1. Kristina says:

    It was great seeing you guys at the parade! Sorry if our side got a little crazy, it was hard keeping 20 kids sitting still, yikes!

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