Love Overflowing

Buried in a book…

on July 13, 2010

Every summer the library has a wonderful reading program. Emily always looks forward to it, as she loves to read. The program goes a little like this for the children who have to be read to: Have 20 books read to you and you receive a coupon for Sonic. Have 20 more books read to you and you get two free tickets to a local baseball game (not talking big leagues here), another coupon to Sonic, a coupon for a free Kid’s meal at Bob Evans and a cool bag to tote books, stuffed animals, you name it around. If you write a few lines about your favorite book you get to pick out a free book. You are also entered in to prize drawings for completing 40 books.

The program started on June 7 and ends on August 31. Emily completed it before the end of June. That’s what happens when you check out 20 books at a time. I only counted each book as one, even though we read them a multitude of times. And I only counted the books from the library, not the dozens that we read from her personal library. Have I mentioned this child loves to read??

They also have a second part to the program. After the child has 40 books read to them, they can continue on. After 40 more books have been read, they are entered into the drawing again and receive a book plate or something. I am a little fuzzy on this as we have not completed this part yet. Over halfway there though!

Our library district  is awesome! They have so many programs for people of all ages. We are truly lucky to live in a community that places such an emphasis on reading and learning. I highly recommend that you spend some time in the library and partake in some of the wonderful offerings that they have.

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