Love Overflowing

A great-great visit

The kids and I took a road trip recently. It was my first time making the trip to Centralia with both kids by myself. I wasn’t too nervous except the part of Emily possibly having to pee and schlepping them both into the bathroom at the gas station and the fact that Zachary had a meltdown during his last car trip. I was pleasantly surprised for the most part. Emily forgot her water cup at home so there were no urgent potty stops. Zachary actually fell asleep on the way there! And there was no screaming on the trip there. Nice!

After meeting up with my sister, we went to visit my great aunts. I am ashamed to say that it has been probably 2 years since I have seen them. They hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Zachary yet or seeing Emily in her chatty Cathy mode. It was a very good visit. The kids loved them! I think the feeling was mutual. Zachary was a little on the clingy side (more on that later) but he let Aunt Nancy and Aunt Mary love on him. Emily made herself right at home and played until she sweated!

The ride home was a little more dicey. I was hoping that both kids would crash since naps were either short or non-existent. Hahaha!! Sleep in the car?? Well, Zachary slept for about 40 minutes and Emily talked. The entire hour and a half trip. Zachary screamed for the last 15 minutes. Fun times!

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