Love Overflowing

Month 7

on August 16, 2010

And the months keep flying by!

Zachary is definitely keeping us busy. The little man is always on the go! He has mastered crawling. He can get around zip around on his hands and knees. We are going to have to check the house for child proofing pretty soon. Right now he hasn’t discovered that he can leave his room but I am sure that will be right around the corner.
He can sit up pretty well. He was still kind of at an angle, using his arm to prop himself up but he is getting there. Jumping is one of his passions as well. Many times when he is on the floor playing, he will look up at the jumperoo longingly. Grandma and Papa lovingly call him “Tigger”. If you are holding him you better make sure you are prepared to bounce.

Total unofficial stats: (Sat him on the scale and laid him on the floor for length)
28.5 inches

Month 7 brought a family reunion, Grandma’s birthday, visits with family and the first time away from mommy and daddy overnight. Pretty busy month for a little guy!

Other exciting news for our little guy involves drool. He has been drooling like a fat boy drools at an ice cream store. We finally figured out why all of the wetness of a sudden. He has 2 teeth coming in!!! He has been in pretty good spirits considering. Happy little boy!

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