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Good vs evil

Zachary definitely has an opinion!

He really had to work on choking down the avocados. Choking being the key word. He looks like a contestant on Fear Factor eating bugs. Trying really hard to keep it down. Not a hit.
Ice cream on the other hand….. He couldn’t get it fast enough. He must take after his mommy. I think he might be addicted after his first taste.

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Elephants, Sea Lions, oh my!

Finally!!!!! We finally made it to the zoo! Taking real advantage of the membership that we have… ::eye roll:: By the time I got off the bench, aka crutches, it was so darn hot. Last week was great weather so Grandma, Emily, Zachary and I spent the day at the zoo. I wasn’t sure how long Zachary would make it but he did great! He lasted until after 1pm. We never get to see everything that we want to but there’s always next time. One of these days, we’ll make it to the Zoomagination Station! We did see the Sea Lion show for the first time. Well, I saw half of it before Zachary decided that it was lunchtime. Emily really enjoyed it though. I thought it was cute- the part that I saw.
Emily really enjoyed spending time outside and looking at all the animals. She made sure that we went to see the elephants first of course. Zachary couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about! He actually did manage to take two catnaps while we were there. I was pretty shocked!
It was a great day! I can’t wait to go back again- this time taking Stephen with us. He will really enjoy seeing the kids having a good time.

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