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Bubble wrap painting

I have seen this idea several places and kept saying “Oh! Emily would love that. I need to try that.” I finally got off my duff and actually brought up the materials for her paint with bubble wrap. She had a blast! She started mixing the colors. She made purple, green and puke brown. After painting the bubble wrap, we gently pressed the paper down. I was trying to think of something to do with it after the paint dried. I have been working on uploading pictures so I decided that Emily was going to use them as frames. Luckily, she loved the idea.
I think they turned out pretty well! She kept one for herself (stingy!), and the other two are for each grandma. I hope they love them!

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Preschool 2010

Emily’s first day of preschool…. It was bittersweet. It was wonderful to see how excited she was for this new chapter in her life but it was also sad to think about how much my baby has grown up. Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was crawling around on the floor as an ankle biter? I know she will excel in preschool and I also know that she NEEDS the interaction with children her age as well as the structure that preschool provides. I need her to love preschool because I am not able to give her the one on one time that she is used to. I am not challenging her enough and I truly think it shows.
She was ready to go to school early. I went to help her get dressed (something I don’t do but felt I needed to and she informed me that she could do it herself because she was now a big girl. *gulp* She didn’t need my help. We took a few pictures before we left. Normally her preschool has curbside service (which I LOVE) but they wanted the parents to bring them in on the first day (totally agree). She walked into her classroom, put her bag on a hook and got right to work on a puzzle. When I told her that Zachary and I were going she decided that she needed help putting the puzzle together. After getting the pieces in the right spot she was ready. She was ready for mommy and Zachary to head out and leave her to explore this new opportunity.
My eyes started tearing up a bit as I carried Zachary to the car. I will admit it. But I also have to say that I truly think I wasn’t a blubbering mess because I was carrying Zachary to the car. As we pulled up to pick her up, my eyes started tearing up again. Seeing her, holding her teacher’s hand while waiting for me made me realize that my daughter is now a PRESCHOOLER!! How did that happen?
She absolutely LOVED the class! She played blocks, trucks, had a snack, read a story and even talked about clocks. The only downside was when she freaked because she couldn’t get the bathroom stall door to close. She wasn’t going to potty so the teacher told her she would hold the door shut. Unfortunately, Emily’s fingers were in the door. Totally not a big deal but it’s something they had to tell me about. The good thing is that didn’t even make her list of things to tell me. She had totally forgotten about it.
She loves preschool and was asking when she got to go back. I KNOW this is going to be a good thing. For both of us.

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