Love Overflowing

Not always love

Emily is not always full of love for her brother. He is very mobile now and is starting to get into her stuff. She is not liking that…at all. I caught a non-love moment on camera….

He is wanting to see what she is doing and she just woke up from a nap and was not in the mood to deal with him. Broke his little heart!

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Vacation 2010

Still trying to catch up!
Back in August we went to the Lake of the Ozarks for a short vacation. It was kind of neat because we stayed in the same place we did when Emily was only 9 months old. We really liked the place because it had a beautiful view and a screened in deck. That was a huge plus in our book! We could go outside, chat and enjoy ourselves while the kids were asleep.
Emily was so excited to go on vacation. Both kids did pretty well on the car ride, although we only made it about a half hour before Emily needed a potty break. Luckily, she told us before we got to nothing land. Zachary actually napped off and on. A huge change from the long crying jag on our last trip to Quincy. Car rides are looking up!
Our vacation was nice. We went at our own place, without an agenda. We had to scratch one thing off our list of things to do though. We told Emily that we would take her to a cave. Unfortunately, many of the smaller caves were closed due to a fungus infecting the bats. The one that was open only had tours at nap time. It was ok because we went miniature golfing instead. Both Emily and Zachary probably liked that better anyway.
We ended our vacation week with the obligatory trip down Main Street. I LOVE that we live so close and can just pop down there within 5 minutes. There is a downside to living so close though. Riverside Sweets. They have some of the yummiest ice cream. Even Zachary agrees! Stephen couldn’t share his ice cream fast enough! I was smart and chose ice cream with nuts so I didn’t have to share.
Vacation 2010 was a success! I do believe everyone had a good time. We didn’t go anywhere exotic or far away but it was nice to get away from the normal day-to-day grind. It gave everyone a chance to recharge before getting our nose back to the grindstone Emily included! It’s weird having to schedule vacation around her calendar!

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