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A while back we started a chore chart for Emily. She had a list of chores that she was to do on a daily basis. She got a nickel for every chore completed. Part of the money would go into her chore jar and part into her piggy bank. I haven’t been the most consistent with keeping track and doling out the money, which is a huge shame on me.
Emily did really well though. She told me that she was going to use the money she earned to buy a Tiana doll. She met her goal and was able to get her a few weeks ago. She was so ecstatic! And the chore chart also did its job by developing habits. I still have to remind her to make her bed but she is really good about clearing her dishes away from the table.

Proud girl! And proud mommy!

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Stephen and I took my in-laws offer to catch a preseason Rams game last week. If I am being completely honest here, what I know about football couldn’t even fill a page. But, it was a night away from the kids and a night that someone else should have put them to bed. Plus, I haven’t been to a Rams game since before Emily was born. Had opportunities but would have rather watched paint dry because they played so poorly. It was a fun time though. They actually won!! Let’s see how the rest of the season goes.
Oh, when I said Grandma was in charge of bedtime… We still had to put Emily to bed when we got home at 10pm. She was scared of the storm and couldn’t sleep until she knew we were ok. Can’t blame Grandma for that one!

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