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Family Reunion 2010

This past Saturday was my family reunion. The family rented cabins at Carlyle lake for the holiday weekend. People went fishing, out on the boat, walking, you name it. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. We were able to make it on Saturday. Next year, we are going to have to spend more time with everyone. There’s just never enough time to visit with anyone.

It’s so great to see the next generation growing and playing together! I hope they are as close as we were growing up. I can still remember when my cousin Donica would stay for a week or two in the summer with us. Those were the days! Burying stuff in the yard, mirrors, candy button paper, puke on the porch. Ahhh, memories! The new set of cousins will have their own embarrassing memories to tell.

I had a good time visiting with family and I know Emily had so much fun playing with Kaleb and Chloe. Those kids were worn out when we left! Surprisingly, Emily didn’t sleep on the way home. She talked, almost the entire way. Zachary always has a good time with Cole. I love seeing the two of them together. It was also fun to see Zach with Gabriella. He was such a brute though and was pouncing on her to get her to play! All boy, through and through.

Good times, good times!

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Month 8

Month 8 has been a pretty eventful for one for Mr. Zachary!  He went many places, saw many things and hit a lot of milestones in one short month. I know I say this every month but his first year is just flying by! 8 months already. Pretty soon we’ll be planning his first birthday.

This past month, Zachary visited the zoo for the first time, went on vacation and went to a farm. He also made a trip to Carlyle Lake to visit more extended family. He has gotten much better riding in cars. Fewer and far between are the screaming jags in the car. He has also started to love baths. He used to just tolerate them- in and out. Now he enjoys playing in the water and would rather have a bath with his big sister because she is fun.

He has two teeth and has started eating more solid foods. He has had bread, biter biscuits, puffs, yogurt melts, ice cream and spaghetti sauce. He really hasn’t met food that he doesn’t like yet. Except for peas and spinach. He has made that very well-known.

In other big news, Zachary really started crawling. He is full of speed and gets to where he needs to go in a jiffy. He has also started pulling up on furniture and just starting to cruise a bit. He really wants to keep up with his big sister! The downside to being so mobile is the fact that he is into everything! We are all having to learn to make sure we don’t leave anything out within little man’s reach because it will go into his mouth. Paper is his favorite though. He doesn’t discriminate though because he will put toys, shoes, anything that he can get his little hands on into his mouth. We have started to make sure we close the bathroom door when he is roaming free because he likes to pull up on the toilet. It’s probably only a matter of time before he starts splashing in it.

Zachary is so full of energy and love. He is quite the little snuggler and will crawl into your lap to give you love. Month 8 was full of fun and milestones. I can’t wait to see what month 9 brings!

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