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You can pick your friends…

on September 30, 2010

You can pick apples, but you can’t pick apples out of your friend’s nose?? Silly Emily!

Last Saturday, after the Oktoberfest parade, we headed to the orchard to pick some apples. We went last year with Emily and had such an amazing time that we knew we had to go back again this year. I am glad we were finally able to go! It kept getting put farther down our “to-do list”. Either something would come up during the weekend or it would just be too darn hot! We really pushed it late in the season and there were many, many apples on the ground. The smell of rotten apples was enough to make you gag every once in a while.  Despite the smell, it was a great time.

Had a “kids say what is on their minds even if it isn’t appropriate” moment while standing in line waiting for the wagon to take us to the orchard. There was  family near us with three boys, the youngest being 2 or 3. Emily says, really loudly, “Mommy!! That boy has a binkie!!! Why does he have a binkie?? He’s too old!!” Really must work on teaching her that there is a time and a place for everything. Also that we don’t always say what is on our minds, loudly. Thank goodness we weren’t sitting next to them on the wagon ride!

We took the wagon over to the orchard, found an apple picker and started the hunt for the perfect apples. Emily and Stephen did most of the picking while I took pictures and chased Zachary. They got some really good apples. 18 pounds to be exact! We then headed back to the main part of the orchard. To the play area we went! Emily had a blast. She got to jump in the bounce house, ride the swings and even rode a little carnival ride all by herself! I didn’t know how she would do on “The Cyclone” but luckily another little girl rode with her. All we could hear was giggling so I think it was a success.

Another year at the orchard. Another success. Have I mentioned that I love fall?

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