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Family Reunion 2010

This past Saturday was my family reunion. The family rented cabins at Carlyle lake for the holiday weekend. People went fishing, out on the boat, walking, you name it. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. We were able to make it on Saturday. Next year, we are going to have to spend more time with everyone. There’s just never enough time to visit with anyone.

It’s so great to see the next generation growing and playing together! I hope they are as close as we were growing up. I can still remember when my cousin Donica would stay for a week or two in the summer with us. Those were the days! Burying stuff in the yard, mirrors, candy button paper, puke on the porch. Ahhh, memories! The new set of cousins will have their own embarrassing memories to tell.

I had a good time visiting with family and I know Emily had so much fun playing with Kaleb and Chloe. Those kids were worn out when we left! Surprisingly, Emily didn’t sleep on the way home. She talked, almost the entire way. Zachary always has a good time with Cole. I love seeing the two of them together. It was also fun to see Zach with Gabriella. He was such a brute though and was pouncing on her to get her to play! All boy, through and through.

Good times, good times!

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Month 8

Month 8 has been a pretty eventful for one for Mr. Zachary!  He went many places, saw many things and hit a lot of milestones in one short month. I know I say this every month but his first year is just flying by! 8 months already. Pretty soon we’ll be planning his first birthday.

This past month, Zachary visited the zoo for the first time, went on vacation and went to a farm. He also made a trip to Carlyle Lake to visit more extended family. He has gotten much better riding in cars. Fewer and far between are the screaming jags in the car. He has also started to love baths. He used to just tolerate them- in and out. Now he enjoys playing in the water and would rather have a bath with his big sister because she is fun.

He has two teeth and has started eating more solid foods. He has had bread, biter biscuits, puffs, yogurt melts, ice cream and spaghetti sauce. He really hasn’t met food that he doesn’t like yet. Except for peas and spinach. He has made that very well-known.

In other big news, Zachary really started crawling. He is full of speed and gets to where he needs to go in a jiffy. He has also started pulling up on furniture and just starting to cruise a bit. He really wants to keep up with his big sister! The downside to being so mobile is the fact that he is into everything! We are all having to learn to make sure we don’t leave anything out within little man’s reach because it will go into his mouth. Paper is his favorite though. He doesn’t discriminate though because he will put toys, shoes, anything that he can get his little hands on into his mouth. We have started to make sure we close the bathroom door when he is roaming free because he likes to pull up on the toilet. It’s probably only a matter of time before he starts splashing in it.

Zachary is so full of energy and love. He is quite the little snuggler and will crawl into your lap to give you love. Month 8 was full of fun and milestones. I can’t wait to see what month 9 brings!

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A while back we started a chore chart for Emily. She had a list of chores that she was to do on a daily basis. She got a nickel for every chore completed. Part of the money would go into her chore jar and part into her piggy bank. I haven’t been the most consistent with keeping track and doling out the money, which is a huge shame on me.
Emily did really well though. She told me that she was going to use the money she earned to buy a Tiana doll. She met her goal and was able to get her a few weeks ago. She was so ecstatic! And the chore chart also did its job by developing habits. I still have to remind her to make her bed but she is really good about clearing her dishes away from the table.

Proud girl! And proud mommy!

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Stephen and I took my in-laws offer to catch a preseason Rams game last week. If I am being completely honest here, what I know about football couldn’t even fill a page. But, it was a night away from the kids and a night that someone else should have put them to bed. Plus, I haven’t been to a Rams game since before Emily was born. Had opportunities but would have rather watched paint dry because they played so poorly. It was a fun time though. They actually won!! Let’s see how the rest of the season goes.
Oh, when I said Grandma was in charge of bedtime… We still had to put Emily to bed when we got home at 10pm. She was scared of the storm and couldn’t sleep until she knew we were ok. Can’t blame Grandma for that one!

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Not always love

Emily is not always full of love for her brother. He is very mobile now and is starting to get into her stuff. She is not liking that…at all. I caught a non-love moment on camera….

He is wanting to see what she is doing and she just woke up from a nap and was not in the mood to deal with him. Broke his little heart!

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Vacation 2010

Still trying to catch up!
Back in August we went to the Lake of the Ozarks for a short vacation. It was kind of neat because we stayed in the same place we did when Emily was only 9 months old. We really liked the place because it had a beautiful view and a screened in deck. That was a huge plus in our book! We could go outside, chat and enjoy ourselves while the kids were asleep.
Emily was so excited to go on vacation. Both kids did pretty well on the car ride, although we only made it about a half hour before Emily needed a potty break. Luckily, she told us before we got to nothing land. Zachary actually napped off and on. A huge change from the long crying jag on our last trip to Quincy. Car rides are looking up!
Our vacation was nice. We went at our own place, without an agenda. We had to scratch one thing off our list of things to do though. We told Emily that we would take her to a cave. Unfortunately, many of the smaller caves were closed due to a fungus infecting the bats. The one that was open only had tours at nap time. It was ok because we went miniature golfing instead. Both Emily and Zachary probably liked that better anyway.
We ended our vacation week with the obligatory trip down Main Street. I LOVE that we live so close and can just pop down there within 5 minutes. There is a downside to living so close though. Riverside Sweets. They have some of the yummiest ice cream. Even Zachary agrees! Stephen couldn’t share his ice cream fast enough! I was smart and chose ice cream with nuts so I didn’t have to share.
Vacation 2010 was a success! I do believe everyone had a good time. We didn’t go anywhere exotic or far away but it was nice to get away from the normal day-to-day grind. It gave everyone a chance to recharge before getting our nose back to the grindstone Emily included! It’s weird having to schedule vacation around her calendar!

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Bubble wrap painting

I have seen this idea several places and kept saying “Oh! Emily would love that. I need to try that.” I finally got off my duff and actually brought up the materials for her paint with bubble wrap. She had a blast! She started mixing the colors. She made purple, green and puke brown. After painting the bubble wrap, we gently pressed the paper down. I was trying to think of something to do with it after the paint dried. I have been working on uploading pictures so I decided that Emily was going to use them as frames. Luckily, she loved the idea.
I think they turned out pretty well! She kept one for herself (stingy!), and the other two are for each grandma. I hope they love them!

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Preschool 2010

Emily’s first day of preschool…. It was bittersweet. It was wonderful to see how excited she was for this new chapter in her life but it was also sad to think about how much my baby has grown up. Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was crawling around on the floor as an ankle biter? I know she will excel in preschool and I also know that she NEEDS the interaction with children her age as well as the structure that preschool provides. I need her to love preschool because I am not able to give her the one on one time that she is used to. I am not challenging her enough and I truly think it shows.
She was ready to go to school early. I went to help her get dressed (something I don’t do but felt I needed to and she informed me that she could do it herself because she was now a big girl. *gulp* She didn’t need my help. We took a few pictures before we left. Normally her preschool has curbside service (which I LOVE) but they wanted the parents to bring them in on the first day (totally agree). She walked into her classroom, put her bag on a hook and got right to work on a puzzle. When I told her that Zachary and I were going she decided that she needed help putting the puzzle together. After getting the pieces in the right spot she was ready. She was ready for mommy and Zachary to head out and leave her to explore this new opportunity.
My eyes started tearing up a bit as I carried Zachary to the car. I will admit it. But I also have to say that I truly think I wasn’t a blubbering mess because I was carrying Zachary to the car. As we pulled up to pick her up, my eyes started tearing up again. Seeing her, holding her teacher’s hand while waiting for me made me realize that my daughter is now a PRESCHOOLER!! How did that happen?
She absolutely LOVED the class! She played blocks, trucks, had a snack, read a story and even talked about clocks. The only downside was when she freaked because she couldn’t get the bathroom stall door to close. She wasn’t going to potty so the teacher told her she would hold the door shut. Unfortunately, Emily’s fingers were in the door. Totally not a big deal but it’s something they had to tell me about. The good thing is that didn’t even make her list of things to tell me. She had totally forgotten about it.
She loves preschool and was asking when she got to go back. I KNOW this is going to be a good thing. For both of us.

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