Love Overflowing

Can’t argue with that

on October 3, 2010

We got Emily a new alarm clock to try to help her stay in bed longer. It’s a stoplight clock. During the night it stays red. When it is time to get up it turns green. We haven’t mastered the concept totally yet. This morning Emily was up while it was still red to go potty. I war to her room to tuck her back in and found her writing on her memo board in her door. Here’s how the conversation went:
Me: “Emily, the light is still red. Back to bed.”
Emily: “Not yet. I’m writing something.”
“Now Emily!”
“I’m not done!!” Writing. “Dear God. Please make Zachary feel better. His teeth are really bothering him and I want him to feel better.” “Ok mommy. I’m ready.”
My heart is full of pride on many levels. And you just can’t hurry or interrupt prayers, especially when they are so sweet.
We’ll work on the alarm clock thing another day…

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